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Where can you find it? 

First Baptist Church Plainview Online church?

We aim to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ to as many people as possible.  Of course, in person, we would love to worship with you and your family every Sunday at our church in Plainview, TX.  But we know that is not always possible.  We also know our guests would like to check things out before showing up in person, and this is a way to do that.  Here are a couple of things that would help us out.  If you are a guest, please use the text-in-church feature (Text Howdy to 806-855-8533) to let us know you are here watching.  If you are a regular attendee, please help us continue sharing the Gospel weekly by giving your tithe and offering.  This helps us keep on, and you become a team player with the church and the online production team.  This last part is super crucial for the kingdom of God.  Pray about asking two people weekly to attend church in person or online.  You will be amazed how God moves with something as simple as a friendly invitation.  Thank you in advance. We love you here at First Baptist Church, Plainview!

  • Church Website: 30 to 40 homes each week

    Features: unique webpage for our church to view live or previous services, group chat feature, individual counseling also available in chat feature with church host, multiple online Bible versions available, children's Bible also available. It can be viewed on a phones and computers.

  • ROKU TV: 10 -15 homes each week - I installed several ROKU TV devices in church members' homes and assisted living community TVs. Contact the church if you need a ROKU device.

    Features: watch on TV through ROKU device. This unique channel allows viewers to view live or previous services easily.

  • Facebook: First Baptist Church Plainview, TX- 200 to 280 homes each week. 

    The numbers for Facebook can be hard to quantify. Facebook reports numbers that include people who watch for 3 seconds and beyond. Still, this social media site is among the best for viewer interaction during worship. We can have as many as 25+ people watching, worshiping, fellowshipping, and encouraging each other through the chat feature.

    Features: A unique page for viewers to view live or previous services will alert page followers of the start of live services, and the chat feature is used heavily each week. It can be viewed on phones, computers, and TVs.

  • YouTube: @FirstBaptistChurchPlainviewTX - 50 to 60 homes each Sunday. During the month, I see the views of our service double on YouTube, with people watching the service at another time other than Sunday.

    Features: unique channel for viewers to view live or previous services easily, will alert subscribers of live services starting, shareable, live chat feature not used heavily. Viewers can watch on their phones, computers, and TV through the YouTube app.

  • (Twitter) @FirstPlainview - 10 views on Sunday

    Features: is the newest social media site where we post our services. At this time, has one of the best images and sound to watch on a phone or computer; it is Sharable, and viewers can share words of encouragement they got from the service.

  • Apple TV: Seeing little traffic, Apple TV provides one of the best images and sound available.

    Features: watch on TV through a 4th generation or newer Apple TV device. This unique channel allows viewers to view live or previous services easily.