Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups

These are smaller groups within the larger church body in which people of similar interest gather to study and take care of one another in life. In any church, it is important that community exists in order for relationships to be real and relevant.  The passion of every group is to grow spiritually in an atmosphere of Bible-centered and relational community.  

We encourage you to visit several groups and discover which one is a fit for you. If you need help finding a fit or would like to enroll in a class click this link and fill out the form. 

These groups meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.

The Carthel Group

Teacher:  Ty and Ashley Carthel

Life stage: Coed 25+

Content:  Right Now Media Video Series on the book of Romans

Meets on the 2nd floor of the East Education Building, room E237

Ogden Group

Life Stage: Coed 30+

Teacher: Justin Ogden

Content: Gospel Project is a Christ-Centered Chronological Bible study for all ages.  This group loves to fellowship and do life together.  

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building, room E305.

Olson Group

Life Stage:  Covering a wide range of ages and family stages.  

Teachers: Steve & Cindy Olson.  

We are a diverse, welcoming group of singles and married couples.  We are an open and honest class that studies biblical topics relevant to our lives.  A trusting, non-judgmental and supportive group whose time is full of great discussion, laughs, tears, and love.  

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building, room E314.  

Voss Group

Life Stage: Coed 40+.  

Teacher: Lanny Voss.  

Content:  A study through the book of Joshua

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building room E317.  

Dunlap Group

Life Stage: Coed 50+. 

Teacher—Becca Dunlap  

Bible studies for life. Connecting God's Word to your life in an intentional way

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building room E314. 

Carmichael Group

Life stage: Coed 75+  

Teacher: Neysa Carmichael  

A study through the Bible using Bible Studies for Life quarterly series.  

Meets in the west building south of the Sanctuary in room S109.

Pastor's Class

Life Stage: Coed 55+ 

Teachers: Jacob West and guest teachers

President: Mark Wideman Content: Teachers prepare lessons from Scripture.  

Meets in the Sanctuary.

James Men's Group

Life Stage: Men all ages.  

Teacher: Don James.  

Content:  A book by book study through the Bible using Lifeway Explore the Bible quarterly series.  

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building room E237. 

Murphree Men's Group

Life Stage:  Men Ages 65+ 

Teacher: Danny Murphree.  

Content:  A book by book study through the Bible using Lifeway Explore the Bible quarterly series.  

Meets in the West building south of the sanctuary in room  S107.

Ladies Bible Group

Life Stage: Women 50+ (married, widowed, single)

Teacher: Kayla Caldwell. Class  

Content:   Bible studies for life. Connect God's Word to your life in an intentional way.  

Meets in the Chapel Parlor of the West building. 

King Ladies Group

Life Stage: Women 40+ in all stages of life who are faithful warriors that love to study the Word of God.  This group loves to fellowship and share life together.  

Teacher:  Jennifer King.  

Content: using video series by  Melissa Spoelstra – Isaiah Series. 

Meets on the 3rd floor of the East Education Building, Room E319. 

Sunday Evening Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship Group is an opportunity for you to be formed and shaped in your spiritual journey. We are formed and shaped to be followers of Christ by a constant feeding of His word and having fellowship with other believers. 

Every spring and fall semester, First Baptist offers various studies. These men’s, women’s, and coed groups meet on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM at the church. 

Anxious for Nothing

A study by Max Lucado, facilitated by Greg Northcutt for all ages meets in the Parlor.

In Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado leads readers to reflect on the promises of Philippians 4:4-8. This passage from Paul's epistle contains an antidote to anxiety that will help you develop a mindset of resilience. Rediscover the power of prayer and take control of your thoughts. You can rest in "the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding."

One Step at a Time, Guiding your Child's Spiritual Journey

A study for parents of children and teens, facilitated by Lori Brown that meets in Coffee Corner. 

Other Weekday Opportunities

We want to meet people where they are and provide convenient times to meet, study and grow. 

Young Professionals Group

Life Stage: Coed non University students ages 19 - 32.  Leadership: Jack & Tracey Wirth.  

Content:  A topical video based discussion group.  Meets Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:00  at the home of Jack & Tracey Wirth.  Call 806-729-6317 for the address. 

Strand Groups

Strand is a 10-week discipleship program covering the basics of being a disciple. It is a great time of friendship and discovery. 

This Spring they start February 18. Jacob West is facilitating a men's group at 6:30 AM on Thursday mornings and Ashley Mayberry is facilitating and women's group at 2:00 PM Thursday afternoons. Both groups meet in the FLC. 

Right Now Media

RightNow Media is a great place to find Bible Studies and video lessons to encourage you and help you grow in your faith. There is something for everyone. Click here to sign up for an account or login to your existing account. 

This is a free library available to you for being a part of FBC Plainview!