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cool campaign

Dear Friend,

Jesus, the One we worship as Savior and Lord, believed that any mountain could be moved.  A seed of faith the size of a mustard seed was all it required.  We read this teaching in Matthew 17.

We have a moveable mountain in front of our congregation now.  The mountain is an infrastructure mountain due to failing chiller systems that cool the education building and the sanctuary.  Our cooperative effort to see this mountain move is the Cool Campaign.

This last Sunday I went through key details regarding this campaign.  I kindly ask you to read the bullets below.  I trust you can see the value of this effort.

  • The Cool Campaign Fundraising Goal is $1.5 million.
  • The Cool Campaign is a two-year campaign.
  • Air conditioning/Heating improvements will be made to the worship center and discipleship building.
  • The new equipment will increase energy efficiency and could lower the monthly electric bill by 20%.  New equipment includes new HVAC systems and LED light fixtures.
  • The improvements will make areas for important ministry groups including children, worship choir, Mother’s Day Out, discipleship groups much more comfortable.
  • The improvements will eliminate vast sums of maintenance costs to keep the current systems running.

This last Sunday I also encouraged everyone who loves and appreciates the ministry of First Baptist to begin praying about the Cool Campaign by praying a specific prayer, “Lord, what would you have me do for you?”  There is nothing magical about the words, but they do communicate a humility before God. 

I ask you to take the next five weeks to discern how God is leading you to participate with this effort. 

I also hope you will make plans to attend the Cool Campaign Banquet on Saturday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m.  This will be an evening to celebrate together how the Lord has led us and how the Lord will provide for us.

I have faith this mountain will move!  Thank you for the way you love First Baptist Plainview.  Your support is essential for our success.  I believe when all is done we will be in awe of how God provided.



Pastor Jacob West