These lessons are from the curriculum we use for what would be our typical Sunday morning D-group teaching times at 9:15 a.m.  They have been revamped during this time of quarantine to be
User-Friendly for Parents.  We encourage you, Parents,...go through a lesson a week with your teenager/preteen.

"Sunday morning @ 9:15" might work better on another day and/or time so feel free to mix it up!  The important thing is that meaningful time is spent with the Lord!

Students, these are also written in such a way that you can download the Student Guide and do your own study.  If that's you, we still encourage you to seek out an older, more mature believer to bounce the discussion time off of.  If a family member or friend isn't available, I am.  Call me (Tim)!  806-729-6315.  I would consider it pure joy to talk through the lessons with you!!  Seriously, hit me up!!