A Staff AnnouncemenT from Pastor Jacob West related to SPECIAL needs ministry

On October 27, the church voted during a regularly held conference to assign new duties to Lori Brown. Lori has served as our University Pastor for the last 18 months. She will now add duties related to special needs ministry. Her new title is University and Special Needs Pastor.


This recommendation came from the church’s personnel committee and was shared with our deacon body before the vote. Her new assignment will make Lori a full-time Pastor of the church.


I find Lori to be uniquely qualified for her new assignment. Her experience in the medical field and the local church is a remarkable combination of what this ministry needs.


Over the last 12 months, First Baptist Plainview has had incredible interaction with the special needs community in Plainview. I believe God has opened the door to serve this essential component of Plainview.


I appreciate your support for this new endeavor and Lori as she leads our church in this new ministry.


Please send congratulations or any questions about how you can participate with our special needs ministry to Lori’s email.